How to Choose a Paediatric Optometrist in Melbourne

29th Apr 2024
paediatric optometrist in melbourne

Do you know what makes a paediatric optometrist different from other eye care professionals?

Paediatric optometrists in Melbourne do more than just prescribe glasses; they play a crucial role in the early detection of vision problems that could affect your child’s learning and social development.

I’m Minh Van Tran, the owner and principal optometrist at VisionPro. My journey into optometry was driven by a passion for making a meaningful difference in people’s lives, especially the younger generation. Based in the heart of Footscray and St. Albans, Melbourne, our practice is dedicated to serving families with the utmost care and professionalism.

Give your child the gift of clear vision and a lifetime of opportunities. Contact us today to arrange an eye care consultation that could make all the difference in their lifelong well-being.

I also encourage you to continue reading, as the information ahead offers a deeper look into how paediatric optometry supports your child’s growth, preparing you to make the call when the time feels right.


Understanding Paediatric Eye Care

As an optometrist, I know that the health of a child’s eyes can set the stage for their academic performance and socialization. Detecting eye issues early is essential for their vision and general health.

In our Melbourne community, myopia—or nearsightedness—is increasingly common among children. This trend mirrors global shifts and poses significant concerns for future eye health. At VisionPro, we proactively manage this condition using innovative solutions like MiyoSmart glasses and MiSight contact lenses. These are not ordinary corrective tools; they are specially designed to control the progression of myopia, offering a clearer path towards maintaining better eye health through a child’s growing years.

These early interventions are much like setting the foundation of a house—get it right, and everything else stands strong and stable. By addressing eye health proactively, we’re safeguarding your child’s future, ensuring they have the healthy eyes and clear vision needed to explore, learn, and succeed.


pediatric optometrist in melbourne


Childrens’ Eye Exams at VisionPro

At VisionPro, we believe in going beyond basic vision testing.

One of our key techniques is cycloplegic refraction, a method not as commonly employed but one which we believe is crucial for paediatric assessments. The examination technique involves using a special medication, Cyclopentolate, to temporarily relax the eye’s focusing muscle, providing a clear picture of the child’s eye condition.

The procedure involves administering eye drops that may cause a slight stinging sensation for a few seconds, but this discomfort is minimal and brief. The drops may cause temporary blurriness or light sensitivity, which can be unsettling for children, but these effects wear off after a few hours. The safety profile of these eye drops is well-established, making cycloplegic refraction a standard and valuable tool in pediatric eye care.

Key benefits of cycloplegic refraction are:

  • Accurate Diagnosis: The refraction method temporarily paralyzes the focusing muscle of the eye, preventing adjustment and allowing for a more precise measurement of refractive errors, which is crucial for determining the true prescription needed for children.
  • Detection of Hidden Issues: This method helps reveal conditions that may not be apparent during a standard eye exam, such as false myopia, ensuring a comprehensive assessment of a child’s visual health.
  • Essential for Treatment Planning: Cycloplegic refraction is essential in developing effective treatment plans, especially in managing progressive conditions like near-sightedness in young patients.

Our Melbourne based paediatric optometrists are equipped to diagnose and manage a variety of common and complex eye conditions that can affect children. Our commitment is to provide both effective treatments and preventative strategies for young patients. Some of the paediatric eye care conditions we often deal with include:

Latent Hyperopia:

  • Unlike overt hyperopia (farsightedness), latent hyperopia is hidden and not immediately apparent due to the extensive accommodative (focusing) capacity in children.
  • This is an example of where cycloplegic refraction can accurately diagnose the condition, ensuring that we prescribe the correct lenses to support the child’s vision development and reduce strain.

Myopia Management:

  • VisionPro offers MiyoSmart Myopia Control Glasses and MiSight Myopia Control Contact Lenses, both designed to slow the progression of myopia in children by focusing peripheral light in front of the retina, which has been shown to reduce stimulus for eyeball elongation.
  • As a therapeutically endorsed optometrist, I am qualified to prescribe atropine eye drops. These medicinal drops are used in low doses to temporarily relax the eye’s focusing mechanism, reducing the progression of myopia by inhibiting excessive eye growth.

Lazy Eye (Amblyopia) and Turned Eyes (Strabismus):

  • We utilise corrective eyewear and patching of the stronger eye to correct and manage the visual imbalance in conditions like amblyopia (lazy eye).
  • We prescribe exercises designed to improve eye alignment and cooperation, enhancing overall eye function in cases of strabismus (turned eyes).

Our goal at VisionPro is not just to treat existing conditions but to prevent future complications. Through early diagnosis, tailored treatments, and continuous monitoring, we ensure that each child has the best possible support for their eye health.


Choosing the Right Paediatric Optometrist in Melbourne

Can finding the right paediatric eye care professional really make a difference in your child’s life? Absolutely, and it starts with considering the qualifications and experience of the optometrist.

In my own case, I have been working as a paediatric optometrist in Melbourne for more than two decades. My extensive training in ocular diseases, children’s vision, and contact lens fitting ensures that I’m equipped not just to correct vision but to manage eye health proactively, particularly in young patients.

At VisionPro, our approach is also defined by our commitment to technology and modern techniques. We use advanced diagnostic tools that allow us to detect eye health issues long before they become apparent.

Moreover, the location and accessibility of our practices are designed with families in mind. Both our Footscray and St Albans locations are situated to be convenient for parents across Melbourne, reducing the hassle of long travel times. Easy access to our services ensures that maintaining your child’s eye health fits seamlessly into your busy schedule, making regular eye checks a less burdensome but equally important part of your child’s health routine.

Choosing the right Melbourne paediatric optometrist for your child means considering professional credentials, diagnostic technology, and optometry practice convenience.

At VisionPro, we pride ourselves on excelling in all these areas, ensuring that every child’s vision care is not only thorough but also accessible.


Preparing Your Child for Their First Eye Exam

Who says a visit to the optometrist has to be stressful for your child? Preparing for their first eye exam can be a smooth and even enjoyable experience with the right approach. As an optometrist, I’ve found that familiarizing children with what to expect can significantly ease any nerves.

Start by explaining the process in simple terms—let them know that we’ll be playing a sort of ‘spotting game’ with letters and pictures. Encouraging questions and expressing excitement about the visit can also shift their perception from anxiety to anticipation.

At VisionPro, we strive to make our little patients feel comfortable and secure. Our team is trained to handle your child’s curiosity with patience and your concerns with empathy, ensuring that both of you leave feeling informed and confident about your child’s visual health.

If you would like to know more about what it’s like for a child during their eye examination, watch the following video from the Childrens Eye Care channel.



FAQ To Paediatric Optometrists in Melbourne

Are eye tests free for kids?

Eye tests for children are covered by Medicare in Victoria, making them free at many optometry practices, including ours at VisionPro.

When should a child have first eye test?

A child should have their first eye test by the age of three. It’s essential to check early to ensure their vision is developing correctly and to address any issues promptly.

How often does a child need an eye test?

Children should have an eye test at least once every two years. If there are any concerns about their vision or if they have existing vision problems, more frequent checks may be necessary.

How quickly can a child’s vision change?

A child’s vision can change rapidly, especially during growth spurts or due to health changes. It’s vital to monitor their eyesight regularly, as significant changes can occur over just a few months.

Is bad eyesight hereditary?

Yes, bad eyesight can be hereditary. Conditions like myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism can run in families. It’s important for children with a family history of eye issues to get regular eye exams.


Selecting the right Melbourne paediatric optometrist is crucial for early detection and management of vision issues in children, ensuring their academic success and social development are not hindered by untreated eye conditions.

Delaying the decision to seek expert paediatric eye care could mean missing the critical window for correcting vision problems that, if left untreated, can have long-lasting impacts on your child’s education and quality of life.

Scheduling an eye exam appointment is the first step in protecting your child’s well-being.

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