in Melbourne

VisionPro is an independent optometrist with two practices, one in St Albans and the other in Footscray. We provide comprehensive optometry services to the community including eye health checks, spectacles, designer sunglasses and contact lenses. Let us help you optimise your vision and maintain the health of your eyes.



Is your optometry practice near me?
We have practices located at 5/119 Hopkins St, Footscray, Melbourne and at 288 Main Rd E, St Albans, Melbourne.
Check Google Maps for directions from where you are now.

Do you offer optometrist bulk billing?
Yes, we offer bulk billing for patients with a Medicare Card. Patients without Medicare card should make enquiries through their health fund to claim reimbursement with our receipt.
Do I need an appointment to see one of your optometrists?
Yes. Schedule an appointment by telephone or by booking online through our website.
How long should I allow for the appointment?
30-45 minutes initial appointments. 20-30 mins for follow up appointments.
What should I bring to my appointment?
Your Medicare card. Your current spectacles. Eye drops you are currently using.
How long does it take to get prescription glasses?
On average 1-2 weeks. Single vision glasses generally have a quicker turn around than multifocal.
What types of payment methods do you accept?
Eftpos card payments, cash and bank transfer.
Do you provide emergency eye care services?
Yes. If the condition falls within the scope of our practice. More serious emergencies should visit the Emergency Department of the Eye and Ear Hospital in East Melbourne.